STAR ANCIENT JEWELLERY is solely owned by Kehkoshan.

Star Ancient Jewellery specialises in the ethical sourcing of provenanced Roman,Viking,Greek,Medieval/Post Medieval (non precious metal) Jewellery and adhere to responsible trading policies which protect the global archaeological heritage. STAR ANCIENT JEWELLERY strives to sell ancient Jewellery at affordable prices with all items are unconditionally guaranteed Authentic. we try to ensure that they will be affordable to everyone. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to have to own a small piece of antiquities, provided that artefacts are sufficiently common and neither of any national value should not be legitimately within a museum environment. We polish ancient jewellery from out side only to reveal its original lustre, so all of our items are perfectly Wearable.

We buy mostly from old collections, now have been passed down through the generations. Antiquities and ancient art not only the priceless Greek vases, but they include the items that were used as a part of everyday life by the ancient Civilisations , for instance roman terracotta oil lamps, used and disposed of in much of the same way as the modern light bulbs today. Roman,Greek & other ancient jewellery (fully wearable) and deserved of use and continued appreciation today…The hundreds of thousands of domestic antiquities are already in circulation, museums basements are often chocking with pieces….. It is vital that the history of our world  and our civilization is taught with the help of archaeology and artifacts. Through the sales of antiquities we aim to increase public awareness. We update our website weekly, so please keep an eye out for our SPECIAL OFFERS.


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